Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference

I attended The Open Group's conference is Glasgow last week and was rather surprised to find that geospatial issues didn't really feature. Given how common geospatial is (i.e. it is of interest to many departments within many organizations); how useful the geospatial dimension is to data integration analysis; and how difficult it still is to provide access to geospatial data and functionality - I had expected it to be a well worn theme but that was not the case last week.

I think this is an exciting time as the discipline of Enterprise Architecture is maturing at the same time as GIS technologies are reaching a point where they can contribute core capabilities to the software infrastructure.

I did provide a brief overview of what geospatial is and how it might fit as a set of enterprise capabilities and the ideas were pretty well received. So on the strength of that I've set up this blog to log my thoughts and ideas on the subject - and just hope that I have some!

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